Our Team!

Here at Patrick Dugan's we know that we are only as good as our team, and we just so happen to have a GREAT one!

Doug Harder - Owner
Favorite PD's Drink:  Coconut Cortado
Three things about me:
   -I've been playing the guitar for over 40 years.
   -I am a certified home inspector.
   -I have a bachelor's degree in political science!









Pat Howard - Owner
Favorite PD's Drink:  Patrick's Peanut Butter Cup
Three things about me:
   -I like to hike in the mountains!
   -I am a fan of steampunk.
   -I love music from classical all the way to rock.








Cassie Gonzales - Manager
Favorite PD's Drink:  Cold Brew
Three things about me:
   -I'm a crazy cat lady at heart!
   -I am president of a local wine club.
   -I refurnish furniture as a hobby -- "ReFunk Your Junk"!







Mia Michalek - Lead Barista
Favorite PD's Drink:  Drip Coffee
Three things about me:
   -I'm a budding tri-athlete.
   -I have read over 1,200 books!
   -I have a passion for tea.












Kyle Borger - Barista

Favorite PD's Drink:  Hazelnut Cortado

Three things about me:
   -I am a record collector!
   -Someday, I'd like to be a writer.
   -I am a crazy dog lady and an avid Maxxanista!











Natacha Newell - Barista

Favorite PD's Drink:  Cortado

Three interesting things about me:

1)  I love to draw!
2)  I have over 27 tattoos!
3)  In my free time, I enjoy working on cars.







Nickii Barriger - Barista

Favorite PD's Drink:  The Stormchaser!

Three interesting things about me:

1)  I like to cosplay.
2)  I dabble in digital art and hair dye ;).
3)  I am an avid reader!










Maggie Abbott - Barista
Favorite PD's Drink: Cold Brew

Three interesting things about me:
   -I just moved to Garden City from Dallas.
   -I enjoy painting in my free time!
   -I enjoy cinematography and photography.











Kayla Munoz - Barista

Favorite PD's Drink: Americano

Three interesting things about me:
   -I love avocados, music and biking with my nephew!

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