About Us

Patrick Dugan appeared in our lives in the fall of 2007 with a keen eye for location and a desire to put a coffee shop in downtown Garden City worthy of his Irish lineage. He wasn't interested in a harshly lit place for harried humans to dash in and out for coffee. Nope, Patrick was thinking more along the lines of his favorite pub back home with darker woodwork, rich green walls and a much more laid-back style. Coffee should be savored, not gulped down.

So he, Doug and Pat began to think about putting the coffee house in the historic Warren Building, formerly the Warren Hotel, a landmark in downtown Garden City. They had the perfect spot with the basics already in place: superior natural light, genuine terrazzo floors, a gigantic fireplace with the original woodwork and excellent retail neighbors.

After eight months of nights and weekends, working around contractors and trying to pretend that the front door of three businesses wasn't a big mess, it all came together at the end of May, 2008. The interior was exactly the way it had been imagined. The equipment was installed and tested. An excellent staff was found and the folks at PT's Coffee in Topeka turned a bunch of novices into professional baristas. The coffee shop officially opened its doors the first week of June, 2008.  Almost ten years later, in August of 2017, we revealed our expanded seating and new espresso bar!  We are extremely greatful to have a community that allows us to grow and who have continuously shown us tremendous support!

Patrick Dugan's Coffee House - better than you are used to, nothing less than you deserve.

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