You would think it obvious that coffee quality is the single most important factor in the the success of a coffee shop.  After all - that's what we do.  We love coffee here in all of its varieties and used to assume that everyone in this business felt the same way that we do about it.  They don't.  One of the reasons we decided to wade into the "coffee pool' was that we like the taste of coffee.  We think that when you order a cappuccino, you should still be able to taste the espresso.  So ours does.

If you think our drinks taste a little bolder, they do.  We want true coffee lovers to know that they've had the very best coffee on the planet after finishing a Patrick Dugan's coffee; straight up, espresso, latte, cappuccino, flavored, decaf or iced.  We prefer to serve our customers in the shop, with their hot drinks made in pre-heated ceramic mugs.  That way, you can savor all of that coffee goodness hot and fresh.  For those that can't linger, we use a unique foam (biodegradeable) cup for hot drinks to go that keeps the coffee fresh without having it taste like paper.  We've all had coffee in those white paper cups and let's admit that it's a fairly dreadful way to have coffee.

Come on by and let us show you the difference.  It may be a little more than you expect, but when you get used to the quality, there is no going back.  Once you've sat and savored one of our specialities, you'll be back.

Because you deserve the best and we do what it takes to deliver.


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